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Haiko Kessels On May - 23 - 2013

Sony has yet to reveal it’s PS4 but announced it and showed us some games already. Microsoft revealed the Xbox One this week and showed us less games but more entertainment features. Both systems will be getting some horror themed games eventually. Two of them, The Evil Within and The Walking Dead: Season 2 where already announced. But what other games would we like to see on the next generation of consoles? We made a list of five horror games we expect and/or hope for to come to PS4 and Xbox One.


Since the current generation had so many zombie themed horror games I decided to exclude those from this list. So no Dead Island 3, no Dead Rising 3, no The Walking Dead Survival Instinct 2, no Yakuza: Dead Souls 2 or ZombiU 2.

Deadly Premonition 2

Deadly Premonition

The creator of Deadly Premonition, Swery, already said he was working on a new game, it’s unknown whether it’s a new Deadly Premonition or a new IP. According to one of his colleagues it’s supposed to be even weirder and more quirky than Deadly Premonition. With DP’s sales being a lot higher than expected and the Deadly Premonition Director’s Cut for PS3 release last week chances are we will definitly see more of Agent York and his pretty fucked up companion Zack on next gen consoles.

Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake

Remedy Entertainment’s currently working on Quantum Break, a new Xbox One exclusive IP. But Sam Lake, the creative director of Remedy adressed the Alan Wake fans in a video and said that a second Alan Wake game is still possible. Let’s hope they somehow find the time and money to create a worthy sequel.

Siren 3

Forbidden Siren

Although Project Siren’s last game was PS Vita’s Gravity Rush, we’re still hoping Sony and Project Siren will bring back one of the scariest games ever made to PS4. Keiichiro Toyama and his collaegues have given lot’s of hints for a third Siren game. So we’re hoping they’ll bring a new chapter about the Shibito to the PS4.

Fatal Frame

Fatal Frame 2 Snapshot

With the PS Eye and Kinect being included with every PS4 and Xbox One we think it would be a good idea to have some augmented reality horror games. The first game that comes to mind is most definitly Fatal Frame. Searching for ghosts with a camera… hint hint

Clock Tower 4

Clock Tower movie posters

We haven’t seen a Clock Tower game for more than an entire console generation. We think it’s time Capcom brought back this old franchise. Huge guys, with huge scissors trying to kill little girls are always scary and should be able to perform their hobbies on 4K screens…

Manhunt 3

Manhunt Please Stop Me

This is not really a horror game but it’s tence and very horrific. Rockstar simply has to make Manhunt 3. We are almost begging for some new “honest to God gore” on PS4’s and Xbox One’s!!!

That’s it, there are lot’s of games that could be and should be getting sequels on PS4 and box One. Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Dead Space propably will be getting sequels, so we haven’t talked about them. The Last of Us 2 will propably be announced after the release of the first game and come to the PS4. Until Dawn could be coming to PS4. And many, many more Indie and triple A games will be announced eventually. But these are the ones we are hoping for… Let us know about your wishes for horror games on the next generation of consoles in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

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