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Haiko Kessels On May - 29 - 2013

Indonesian game developer Digital Happiness reached the goal of their IndieGoGo campaign with the upcoming horror game DreadOut. Time for us to check out what it’s all about, why all those people backed the project and what we can expect and hope for in the future with this upcoming Indie developer?


Who are Digital Happiness?

“Digital Happiness actually is formed from four 3d artists, formerly we where doing 3d animation contract based on commission. The majority of our clients is from our local corporate/government company, and that’s about it.”

What is DreadOut?

“DreadOut is like a generic Asian horror movie but in a video game format :)”

What’s DreadOut about?

“It’s about Linda discovering her power while she and a group of her friends astray from their vacation and get trapped in a deserted, haunted town.
DreadOut is also about giving the player a sense of hopelessness. While we also wanted to give the player the feeling of surviving it…”

What where the inspirations for DreadOut?

“We’re very much in love in good Horror movies such as Ju-on, Ringu, El spinoza del diablo, indonesian 80’s movie “Beranak dalam kubur” etc. Actually the core of DreadOut concept is; In Indonesia, some of us believe photography can steal your soul.”

The Tagline of the game is “Experience the Indonesian Horror”. In what ways is Indonesian Horror different from Japanese horror, European horror or American horror?

“Yeah, Indonesia is Asian so DreadOut will be very close to traditional Asian Horror. In Indonesia there’s a famous ghost called kuntilanak and in thailand it’s called Nang-nak. Indonesia has 17,508 islands. It has 34 provinces with over 238 million people, and is the world’s fourth most populous country. So a Lot of urban legends/ ghosts came from there and we want to introduce you to some of our ghosts :).”

“As to European and American Horror. I think we’re very far from them, although some of our inspiration came from games such as clock tower, Haunting Ground and rule of rose but we’re very much different in terms of zombie – gun shooting kinda thing, because owning guns is illegal in our country.”


Who is Linda?

“Linda is our main protagonist, and she’s actually a typical loner. Actually, her only friend is Ira (the girl that you’ll first encounter in our demo). So the friends of Ira are also friends of Linda. Linda’s background is a bit is vague and maybe it related to the haunted place she get’s trapped in. 🙂 “

Many similarities can be made with the Fatal Frame series. In what ways is it different from Fatal Frame?

“Sure, like KOF was influenced by SF series :p Yes, Fatal Frame is one of our beloved series. But actually, as we mentioned before we played a lot of games besides Fatal Frame. We really love Haunting Ground, Clock Tower, Silent Hill and actually our favourite game is Demon Souls. And for sentimental reasons I really love the Castlevania series. You can expect we’re mixing it from all of our fav games 🙂 Oh yeah, many don’t know it’s not the irisphone is so powerful that can killed ghost, but Linda power it is, so irisphone is not the modern camera obscura 🙂 also we’re adding more twist later on Limbo level concept, we’re inspired from herc’s adventure PSX game for that concept btw”

Any plans on bringing the game to other platforms? (like PS4 or Xbox One?)

“PS4 yes. And we really hope that we can bring you an ultimate DreadOut experience using occulus rift >:)”

What does the future hold for Digital Happiness?

“We actually don’t know about our future, lol. But we really hope that we can bring more “Dread” series to you guys :)”

When can we expect DreadOut to release and on what platforms? And will it get a physical release and/or a special/collector’s edition?

“Hopefully later this year, around Nov-Dec. And yes, Steam if we got greenlit 😀 even we’re on decent ranking #10 on Steam greenlight we don’t know when we got greenlit, unfortunately right now we can’t promise you yet about physical or special edition, we really love to, but our first priority is for our indiegogo backers first, and actually our budget is really close for development only, but we’re working on that 🙂 wish us luck”

DreadOut is shaping up to become a worthy Asian horror game we have been wanting for for some time now. I’m personally very intrigued by the game. A third-person Asian horror game about local ghosts, inspired by Fatal Frame, Haunting Ground, Demons Souls and Clocktower. What more could I ask for!?!
So if you too are excited about this oldskool “true Asian” horror game be sure to keep an eye out for it. Also check out the DreadOut Steam Greenlight page. Digital Happiness needs your votes to get the Greenlight from Valve to get onto Steam! Let’s hope these guys get Greenlit and get to bring this game to next-gen consoles.
Be sure to also check out the PC demo when you get the chance. It can be found here.

So what do you guys think about DreadOut? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

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