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Haiko Kessels On June - 24 - 2013

We’re starting up a new item on SurvivalHorrorOnline “The Horror Game Collection”. In this new item we’ll look at some very special horror game collections. Do you collect every zombie game ever made? Do you own every Resident Evil game, movie and book ever made? Do you have an absurd fascination for the Fatal Frame series or own a very rare Forbidden Siren press kit? Contact us and you’ll get a chance to exhibit that special part of or your entire collection on SurvivalHorrorOnline.

In this first entry of The Horror Game Collection we take a look at my own collection. And hopefully trigger you guys to show your own!

Horror Game collection

Who are you?

I’m Haiko kessels, Editor right here at SurvivalHorrorOnline and at Dutch gaming website and fan of horror games ever since I played a demo of the first Alone in the Dark.

Tell us something about your horror game collection…

I started gaming a lot on the first PlayStation. When we stepped into the next generation (PS2) I decided to sell my PS1 and all the games except for my Resident Evil games, Dino Crisis and Silent Hill. I didn’t know why, I just couldn’t part with them. After PS2 switched to PS3 I did the same, again keeping all Survival Horror games and selling the rest. By that time I knew I had a fascination for every videogame in the horror and/or thriller genre. I simply wanted to play them all. And if I couldn’t play them, I would at least want to have an original copy of the game to add to the collection.

Horror Game Collection 2

What’s Your most valuable horror game possession?

An original copy of the very first Survival Horror game ever made: Sweet Home. I’m currently playing the game on my smartphone. I love it!

What’s you favorite horror game/series?

I like the Silent Hill series a lot, I love Rule of Rose, Alan Wake and the Last of Us but if I have to namy my all time favorite it would be the Forbidden Siren series. I still think they’re the creepiest games I’ve ever played.

Horror Game Collection 3

What will be the next addition to your collection?

I still need to pick up Dead Space 3 and Dead Island: Riptide for the PS3. And I’m still trying to get my hands on the Fatal Frame games. But I’m also waiting for the PS4 which will get Daylight, Dying Light, Outlast and hopefully Until Dawn too (if Until Dawn’s only released on PS3 I will get it for PS3 offcourse)

Want to show your collection too? Let is know via the Contact form!

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  1. Benny P. says:

    That’s a pretty cool collection you got there!

  2. Glennus says:

    Very awesome! Expect pictures of my collection coming in very soon. I also love how you have Sweet Home!

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