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Haiko Kessels On July - 7 - 2013

I went on a short vacation last week. And just before I left I searched the PS Store for a few horror games to keep me busy during the moments I had to wait or simply had nothing better to do. And when I was roaming the PS Store I found out the horror catalogue of the PS Vita is pretty big, growing every week and slowly but surely becoming walhalla for horror fans. And this made me realise the PS Vita is the handheld of choice when you’re a survival horror fan. Here’s 15 plus reasons to back up that statement.

Corpse Party

corpse party
Both Corpse Party and Corpse Party: Book of Shadows are downloadable via the PlayStation Store but a third Corpse Party game called Blood Drive is coming exclusively to the PS Vita. So both JRPG fans and horror fans have something to look forward to on the PS Vita.

PSone games

Silent Hill Air Screamer
Games of the first Playstation are available for the PS Vita. And while not all horror games have been re-released on PSN a lot of the bigger series can be found on the store. So if you want to (re-)play Silent Hill, Residen Evil 1, 2 and 3 and Parasite Eve you can do this with the PS Vita.

Summer Indie Horror games

This summer the Indie horror games Limbo, OMGHDZombies, Hotline Miami and Lone Survivor will be coming to the PS Vita. Limbo, Hotline Miami and OMGHDZombies where released a few weeks ago and Lone Survivor will be released in a few weeks. These games are unique experiences and very suitable for handheld devices. They all feature completely different gameplay styles. OMGHDZombies is a very addicting little game in which you have to create chainreactions of exploding, shooting and melting zombies. Limbo is a very atmospheric puzzle game about a young boy who has to find his sister. Lone Survivor is a story driven game that’s often compared to Silent Hill and Hotline Miami is a strange mix between Manhunt, Miami Vice and the movie Drive. While the last one isn’t a horror game per say, it’s still worth a look!

Hysteria Project

Hysteria Project
Both Hysteria Project games where part of Sony’s Minis program. All Minis can be found on the PS Store of the PS Vita and set you back just a few dollars/euro’s per game. The Hysteria Project games are short games that are perfect to keep you busy on a rainy evening with nothing on TV. Check out our review of the first game here.

PSP Games

While not all horror games of the PSP can be found on the PS Store (Silent Hill: Origins and Shattered Memories are nowhere to be found) you can find Obscure: Aftermath and Manhunt 2. Both are very enjoyable, affordable and worth a look if you haven’t played them yet, want to replay them or simply own a Vita and want to play some good old fashioned survival horror games.

Full retail releases

While Indie games seems to be the path Sony is taking with the PS Vita there are two full retail horror games to be found for their handheld. Last year Konami released a Vita exclusive Silent Hill game called Book of Memories and this summer The Walking Dead season one and the 400 Days DLC by Telltale games will be released on Sony’s handheld.


So all in all there’s more than 15 games that have already been released or are soon coming to the PS Vita. I think this catalogue proves the Vita is your handheld of choice when you want to play horror games while going to work, when you’re hiding in a public toilet (don’t ask me why, in movies it always seems like a normal thing to do…) or when you’re on vacation. And just imagine what the Vita could become when the PS4 is released or when developers start using the Vita’s camera to search for augmented reality monsters, ghosts or killers in your home…

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